WEEK 15!

Welcome to our Math Tutor – JoAnn Hillman!  She added much enthusiasm to our math study!

-HAVE SECTION 5 Completed before class, so that you are ready to go over it at the beginning of class – Pages 79-98 (20 problems)

-If you have any specific types of problems that are giving you trouble, please bring an example to class.  Ms. Hillman is here to help in any way possible to improve your math understanding and SAT scores.





SAT – WEEK 14!!!

This week in SAT-land!

-Next Tuesday we will be welcoming JoAnn Hillman!  Mr. D. has been mentoring Mrs. Hillman and she will be teaching his materials for the upcoming three weeks.

-BRING YOUR Mr. D. printouts – complete set to class along with pencil and calculator.


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WEEK 13!!!!


Check out the great links below.  No other homework:

1.  Excellent SAT Essay examples with a breakdown of each sentence to show what the graders are looking for.  Take a look!

2.  Top 10 Do’s and Don’t for the SAT Essay

3.  SAT Ninja – How to write a Perfect “12” paper!  (not a fan of the crude word “suck”, but the info. contained in the link is excellent)  Pay attention to the special vocab. word mentioned on page two.

Check out the Stossel in the Classroom Essay Contest!  You can use much of what we learned during the SAT essay prep on this subject.  Check it out – you could win a trip to NY or cash prizes.  Make sure to put down Mrs. Miller for your teacher : )   http://stosselintheclassroom.org/essay_contest/

John Stossel is one of my all time favorite Journalists/Reporters.

Hope you all have a blessed and restful week off.

Stossel in the Classroom

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Simply have your students view John Stossel’s recent special, “No They Can’t” (view the streaming video here), and write an essay on the following essay topic:


In John Stossel’s TV special and book of the same name, “No They Can’t,” Stossel makes the case that free people and free markets do a better job of solving problems than government.

Do you think he’s right? Why or why not?

Please write a 500-1000 word essay on this topic, illustrating your position using a recent example of a problem private individuals solved where an attempted government solution failed OR a problem government solved where private individuals’ attempts had failed. You must include at least one reference from John Stossel’s “No They Can’t” book or TV special.

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Visit our 2012 Essay Winners Page for lists of last year’s winners or to read the top essays.


WEEK 12!

Week 12 – SAT Prep At Home (This is being posted before class.  It is for week 11/6  –  11/12)

I keep six honest serving men, They taught me all I knew,
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.




Find two powerful/dynamic/universal words, with their  main definition/meaning,  that could easily be interjected into any subject.    Candy, candy, candy for the winners.  NOTE:   E-Mail the words and definitions to Mrs. M. by Monday night.  Only those e-mailed will count for prizes!!!! 

Review pages 2 – 8 in the High School Essay Intensive Book.

Review pages 5 – 11 in the 2nd section of the High School Essay Intensive Book.

A great way to practice for the SAT is to work on testing weak areas by drilling individual tests.  One easy way to do this is by going to the College Board site and taking individual practice tests.  It’s all on-line and they check it for you.    The  tests in the OSSG are also great tools and will simulate the actual SAT test even more.  See the link that says “College Board Individual Practice Tests” to the left.  It is located 3rd down from the top of  the list -NOT under week 12.

WEEK 11 : D

Next week – Bring your IEW – Essay Intensive book and paper and pencil (no pens).  You will NOT need your CPG or OSSG.

The best way to prep for the SAT is by going through the OSSG and working on the sections that you find most difficult.   There are answers at the end of each section, so it’s a great opportunity  to see what type of problem you’re having trouble with.

By repeatedly taking the practice tests, you’ll be able to find patterns, etc. that should help you increase your score and your time management.   It’s very easy to fit in an individual section as opposed to sitting and doing the test in it’s entirety.  I do recommend timing each section you do.


The first 378 pages of the OSSG are instruction pages (giving testing advice).   Here are seven helpful pages to read in the math section:  Pages – 224-225, 252, 263-264 & 333 – 334. 


If you’d like a repeat of what we did in class (to sharpen up those math skills) – do the following pages:

Pgs. 452 – 457 (Section 2) – 20 minutes

Pgs. 463-465 (Section 5) – 10 minutes – work on problems one through 8 multiple choice. 

Pgs. 481 – 486 (Section 8 ) 20 minutes

The answers to each of these sections is on page 494. 

LESSON 10!!!

LESSON 10 – SAT Prep


A big THANK YOU to David Chatzistamatis and Mrs. Bowers for filling in for me today!  Don’t get too used to it – I will be back! J

-Read CPG pages 210 – 222

-Read over Acronyms pages 63 & 69 in the CPG workbook

-OSSG – pages 954-55, 986-88 & 958-59 (If you didn’t do them in class).

-Please be sure to go over the links provided!  Very helpful : )

See you next week!

Mrs. M.

WEEK 9!!

WEEK 9 – SAT Prep Homework:


-Read CPG pages 196 – 209

-Go over Acronyms on page 58 of the CPG Workbook

-OSSG – Pages 956 – 957



Reminders of important examples to remember from class:


–  What should you cross out and circle to make the answer more obvious?  Cross out prepositional phrase and circle the subject and verb   (SEE LIST OF PREPOSITIONS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)



1.  What should you look for first? – Do Subject and Verb Agree

2.  What should you lightly cross out?  Prepositional Phrase

3.  If Subject and Verb agree – what should you look for?  Objective and Subjective Case Pronouns – Know what is giving action (subjective)  and what is receiving action (objective)

4.  Tense – If it starts in Present, Past or Future – it needs to stay in that one particular tense

5.  Awkward sentence

6.  Idiom  – Make sure prepositions sound correct


A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush: 
Having something that is certain is much better than taking a risk for more, because chances are you might lose everything.

A Blessing In Disguise: 
Something good that isn’t recognized at first.

A Chip On Your Shoulder: 
Being upset for something that happened in the past.

A Dime A Dozen: 
Anything that is common and easy to get.

A Doubting Thomas: 
A skeptic who needs physical or personal evidence in order to believe something.

A Drop in the Bucket: 
A very small part of something big or whole.

A Fool And His Money Are Easily Parted: 


7.  Diction – make sure words are used correctly

Examples:  (Enunciate incorrect)

Example of improper diction:
I’ve tried a lot of skis, and I like these kind best.

I’ve tried a lot of skis, and I like this kind best.
It’s only ten miles further.

It’s only ten miles farther.

Write this one on the board:

There behavior was aggravating.
Their behavior was aggravating.

Fo real =for real
sammich =sandwich

My all time favorite:

Axed – Asked

8.  Wrong or faulty Comparison

9.   Omitted words – Sometimes keywords are missing

10. Verbs with “ing” – can create fragments

Ex.  Feeling exhausted from all the SAT studying.

Going to take the test with friends.

11. Double negatives – I can’t never finish this test.

Should read – I will never finish this test.

12.  Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement:

  • Example:  Wrong: The dogs tugged on its leash.
  • Correct: The dogs tugged on their leashes.
  • ******************************************
  • Wrong: Everyone has their own locker.
  • Correct:  Everyone has his or her own locker.
  • ******************************************
  • Wrong:  A person can padlock their locker.
  • Correct:  A person can padlock his or her locker.
  • ******************************************

13.  Switching persons EX. – If first person – shouldn’t switch to 2nd or 3rd person.

EXAMPLES:  ·  Anna and Pat are married and he has been married for 20 years. Anna and Pat are plural, and he is singular.


Anna and Pat are married and they have been married for 20 years.


  • Everyone forgot their notebook. Everyone is singular


Everyone forgot his or her notebook.

14.  If you have the phrase “But…Also” it must be followed by:  “Not… Only”

15.  Logically parallel:

– EX.  Bill likes swimming, fishing and to go hike.  Correct:  Bill likes swimming, fishing and hiking.

16.  Example of Misplaced Modifier:


On her way home, Jan found a gold man’s watch.


On her way home, Jan found a man’s gold watch.


I was late for the school bus again. Running for the bus, my book fell in the mud.
(Was the book running for the school bus? It’s the only nearby noun beside mud.)

Deciding to join the navy, the recruiter enthusiastically pumped Joe’s hand.
(Was the recruiter deciding to join the navy? The only other option is Joe’s hand.)

Upon entering the doctor’s office, a skeleton caught my attention.
(Was the skeleton entering the doctor’s office? The only other option is my attention.)




  • aboard
  • about
  • above
  • across
  • after
  • against
  • along
  • amid
  • among
  • anti
  • around
  • as
  • at
  • before
  • behind
  • below
  • beneath
  • beside
  • besides
  • between
  • beyond
  • but
  • by
  • concerning
  • considering
  • despite
  • down
  • during
  • except
  • excepting
  • excluding
  • following
  • for
  • from
  • in
  • inside
  • into
  • like
  • minus
  • near
  • of
  • off
  • on
  • onto
  • opposite
  • outside
  • over
  • past
  • per
  • plus
  • regarding
  • round
  • save
  • since
  • than
  • through
  • to
  • toward
  • towards
  • under
  • underneath
  • unlike
  • until
  • up
  • upon
  • versus
  • via
  • with
  • within
  • without

WEEK 8 : )

WEEK  8 – SAT Prep Class:  (This is for the week beginning 10/9 – I’m posting before class again : ) 

OSSG – Pages 960 (8 problems) , 971 (5 problems), & 982 (6 problems) – Sentence Completion.  These will not take long and are great practice for this section. 

Please review the SAT dates from Week One at the bottom of the web-site page.  I would highly recommend taking the test on December 1st and/or January 26th.  Our course will not be completed as of the December 1st date, but we will have covered all three sections at that time and you can review Dr. Chris’ videos (links on the web-site) to get more comprehensive practice for the math section.

The December 1st date will definitely be best for retaining the info. from the class.  Adam & Haley will be taking the SAT at ODA (Out of Door Academy-Lakewood Ranch) on Dec. 1st.    This is a nice test taking facility

.   Check out the deadlines for sign-up.  You must be signed up before Nov. 1st for the Dec. 1st date and before December 28th for the January 26th date.  Sign up directly through the College Board Site.  Remember – they will be asking for a picture of yourself.  They will have guidelines and how to do it on their site after you fill out the registration.

WEEK 7!!

Sorry about the late posting!

The homework this week is covering pages 74 – 79 in your CPG Workbook.  Here is the abbreviated version of what I would like you to do:


Pages 74 – 75 – CHOOSE 3 of the 17 topics given to write 2 to 3 sentences about.  Read instructions at the top of page 74.

Page 76 If your LAST name begins with A – I – Do the first 10 on page 76.  Give me one or two rarely used synonyms for each word.

If you LAST name begins with M – W – Do 11 – 20 on page 76.  – Give me one or two rarely used synonyms for each word.


We’re skipping page 77.


Pages 78 – 79 – Please take a look at the two links about story hooks posted under Wk. 7 to the left.  Write 3 or 4 ideas from these examples that interest you or that you believe will be the most interesting to the SAT proofreader : )


OSSG – Pages 120 – 125 – Read over the sample essays written by other students.  These have scores and remarks about why they received that score (THIS IS IMPORTANT INFO.!)



WEEK 6!!

If you’re looking at this before class on 9/25 – skip down to week 5’s work.  I’m posting ahead for the week of 9/25 – 10/1:


-Read CPG pages 152 – 165 (that’s only 14 pages – that sure beats 50!)

-OSSG – Student Response Problems – pages 951 – 953

(this section is important to work on – make sure to work on how to bubble in the answers on this section – the guide will give examples)

TAKE A LOOK AT THE LINKS!  Concentrate on the math terms and check out your weak areas of math with Dr. Chris.