What a great group!  I’m really excited to have such a fun class.  We will definitely take a break midway next time!  Definite change in brain blood-flow the 2nd half!  : )

Such a great group of students!  A special thanks to Mr.  David C. for assisting!



Sign up for College Board account!  (see link on side)


-Go to “Join – It’s Free!”  on the left side of screen – Click “Sign up”

-Fill out “General Student Info.”

-“Username and Password” (write this in your CPG book or someplace that you can refer to)

-AFTER YOU’VE COMPLETED THAT PORTION IT WILL READ – “Subscriptions (click the drop down arrow)”

-Sign up for “The Official SAT Question of the Day”.

If you’d like to have a separate e-mail sent to parents to keep updated – go to “Parent Info.” and fill out.


Initials to remember:

CPG – College Prep Genius

OSSG – Offical SAT Study Guide

IEW – Institute for Excellence in Writing – Essay Intensive SAT prep workbook

Mr. D. – Separate math portion for the last three weeks


ACT Question of the day:

Go to the link provided (to left side of page under “LINKS”)

The ACT does not send you an e-mail.  There are three ways you can get their daily question:

1.  Go to the site daily

2.  Make an Icon on desktop to go to daily

3.  You can follow them on FACEBOOK  and have the daily question pop-up on Facebook.

*** Make sure to check out any other links that are posted.


For the next 12 weeks – you’ll need to bring these items each week:

-CPG – Student workbook and textbook

-CPG – Spiral notebook for notes

-pens, erasable markers and something to erase with (certain weeks – a calculator)


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