– REMINDER – To sign up for the SAT test that will take place October 6, you must be registered, on-line, by this Friday – Sept. 7th.


PSAT – I’m sure you’ve all seen the e-mail to sign up for the PSAT at SMA.

You can also contact your local districted public High School and take it there.  If you’re interested in doing that – let me know and I may be able to give you contact info.


CHESS! – Chess is one of the best ways to make new neuro-pathways to logic.  We will have chess boards available at the co-op for you to use during study hall, break or if you come early, etc.  Please treat the boards and pieces with respect.  If you want to learn – we have many students in class that were in the chess club.  Ask Mrs. M. for some names.  See the link to how Chess improves testing scores!  Here’s a snippet:

Studying chess systematically has also been shown to raise students’ IQ scores, academic exam scores (Dullea 1982; Palm 1990; Ferguson 2000, p. 3), as well as strengthen mathematical, language, and reading skills (Margulies 1991; Liptrap 1998; Ferguson 2000, pp. 3-4).  Tournament chess games, which involve clocks to limit the total time each player can use, are also a fun way to provide practice at making fast and accurate decisions under pressure, a skill that can help students cope with the similar pressures of school exams.  This is also a fun way to practise how to put the mind into high gear, where intense concentration increases alertness, efficiency of thought processes, and ultimately mental performance.



-Read CPG Textbook – pages 80 – 82

-Continue with practices with links for prefixes and suffixes

-Review Acronyms on page 15 of your CPG workbook

-Read over DUAL acronym on page 19 of CPG workbook

– Long passage problems from  983 – 85 – OSSG (if you did not complete them in class)

-Write missed problems in journal section of your notebook – Refer to page 247- 259 of your CPG textbook.



– Chess Mind Development Article

 SAT Prefixes and Suffixes Quizlet – Drill games


FUNBRAIN – Root words – (look at questions in small lettering in the left-hand corner


Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes SAT Cheat Sheet


The following 6 links have Great Vocab. cards with picture descriptions and games: 


– One Person Can Change the World


– Get Rid of It


– What’s up Teach?


– I’ll be the Judge of that!


– When the going gets tough


– Are you talking to me?


WORD Dynamo – Lots of games and drills on this site: 


– The Ugliest SAT Words


-Word Dynamo Site for SAT Prep


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