WEEK 4 – At home SAT Class:

Read CPG – Pages 101 – 151 (I know this is a lot of reading.  Some of it includes the problems that we did in class.  Remember that this class is strictly to benefit you, so you determine what you want to concentrate on.  You may skim some of this, but please stop and pay attention to the areas that are difficult for you.  I don’t believe in reading something and not having time to comprehend.  It’s the comprehension that counts, so getting some of it is better than quickly reading it all and understanding none of it.)

Read over EASY MATH  & ROMAN Acronym – in Workbook page 30.

Multiple Choice Questions on pages 948-950 of OSSG.

Go over missed problems with your answer key (I’ll e-mail)

(optional) Write missed problems in your journal

****TIP FOR MATH! – Go thru the OSSG math sections.  They give you the names of the concepts you will be working on. For the problems you missed – find YOU-TUBE teachers that can explain that particular concept.  This sounds like work, but truly, once you get started, you will likely understand math better than ever before.

MATH LINKS & Acronym Link:

I’m loading you up with math links to learn the terms, etc.  Please work on these through-out this semester.  You don’t have to do them all this week – just do some each week.  THE TERMS ARE A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THIS TEST:

CPG – ACRONYMS (these are the short ones!  We’ll have a contest in class on these)

Subtraction Word O – Rama – Subtraction Math terms

Multiplication Word O-Rama – Multiplication Math Terms

Math terms match-up (kids game)

Math terms Word -O-Rama

Geometry Terms – Word O – Rama

Match it – Geometry Terms

Data and Statistics Math-it

Data and Statistics – Word O-Rama

Match-It Algebraic Terms

Word O Rama – Algebraic Terms

Word O Rama – Measurement

Measurement Match-It

Word O Rama Number Sense

Number Sense Match-It


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