ANOTHER EXCITING WEEK OF SAT PREP!  Thank you all for being such great participants!

This week I’m giving you links to an on-line teacher – Dr. Chris Seberino – Here is a brief bio from his site:

I, Christian Seberino, am a Christian homeschooler with two kids. I have a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, San Diego. I’ve been using the topics I teach for over 20 years. I’ve worked in government, industry and academia. I’ve done much teaching in my career and in my church. You can see my resume here. You can access a background check by following the instructions here. You can read my testimony here.

There are links for (It would be wise to review a few of these each week.  I don’t recommend doing them all in one week!) :

1. Intro. Video – 1 video

2.  General SAT Math Techniques -5 Videos

3.  Arithmetic Review for SAT – 5 Videos

4. Geometry Review for SAT – 5 Videos

5. Algebra Review for SAT – 5 Videos


REMEMBER TO GO THROUGH WEEK 4’s math videos over the next few weeks.  Again – just choose a few each week to gain understanding.


OSSG  (any pages you didn’t complete in class) –

Pages 965 – 970   &

Pages 977 – 981

Great practice for the math section!  All questions in the OSSG are from actual SAT tests.   Mark in your journal any missed questions.  I’ll be mailing the answers later in the week.


I’m looking for some more Acronyms for:









We only have 1 true submission!  The acroynym must actually relate to the SAT Class.  You’ll receive extra participation points for turning it in and we’ll vote on the best one and winner gets more candy!


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