WEEK  8 – SAT Prep Class:  (This is for the week beginning 10/9 – I’m posting before class again : ) 

OSSG – Pages 960 (8 problems) , 971 (5 problems), & 982 (6 problems) – Sentence Completion.  These will not take long and are great practice for this section. 

Please review the SAT dates from Week One at the bottom of the web-site page.  I would highly recommend taking the test on December 1st and/or January 26th.  Our course will not be completed as of the December 1st date, but we will have covered all three sections at that time and you can review Dr. Chris’ videos (links on the web-site) to get more comprehensive practice for the math section.

The December 1st date will definitely be best for retaining the info. from the class.  Adam & Haley will be taking the SAT at ODA (Out of Door Academy-Lakewood Ranch) on Dec. 1st.    This is a nice test taking facility

.   Check out the deadlines for sign-up.  You must be signed up before Nov. 1st for the Dec. 1st date and before December 28th for the January 26th date.  Sign up directly through the College Board Site.  Remember – they will be asking for a picture of yourself.  They will have guidelines and how to do it on their site after you fill out the registration.


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