Next week – Bring your IEW – Essay Intensive book and paper and pencil (no pens).  You will NOT need your CPG or OSSG.

The best way to prep for the SAT is by going through the OSSG and working on the sections that you find most difficult.   There are answers at the end of each section, so it’s a great opportunity  to see what type of problem you’re having trouble with.

By repeatedly taking the practice tests, you’ll be able to find patterns, etc. that should help you increase your score and your time management.   It’s very easy to fit in an individual section as opposed to sitting and doing the test in it’s entirety.  I do recommend timing each section you do.


The first 378 pages of the OSSG are instruction pages (giving testing advice).   Here are seven helpful pages to read in the math section:  Pages – 224-225, 252, 263-264 & 333 – 334. 


If you’d like a repeat of what we did in class (to sharpen up those math skills) – do the following pages:

Pgs. 452 – 457 (Section 2) – 20 minutes

Pgs. 463-465 (Section 5) – 10 minutes – work on problems one through 8 multiple choice. 

Pgs. 481 – 486 (Section 8 ) 20 minutes

The answers to each of these sections is on page 494. 


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