Week 12 – SAT Prep At Home (This is being posted before class.  It is for week 11/6  –  11/12)

I keep six honest serving men, They taught me all I knew,
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.




Find two powerful/dynamic/universal words, with their  main definition/meaning,  that could easily be interjected into any subject.    Candy, candy, candy for the winners.  NOTE:   E-Mail the words and definitions to Mrs. M. by Monday night.  Only those e-mailed will count for prizes!!!! 

Review pages 2 – 8 in the High School Essay Intensive Book.

Review pages 5 – 11 in the 2nd section of the High School Essay Intensive Book.

A great way to practice for the SAT is to work on testing weak areas by drilling individual tests.  One easy way to do this is by going to the College Board site and taking individual practice tests.  It’s all on-line and they check it for you.    The  tests in the OSSG are also great tools and will simulate the actual SAT test even more.  See the link that says “College Board Individual Practice Tests” to the left.  It is located 3rd down from the top of  the list -NOT under week 12.


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