Check out the great links below.  No other homework:

1.  Excellent SAT Essay examples with a breakdown of each sentence to show what the graders are looking for.  Take a look!

2.  Top 10 Do’s and Don’t for the SAT Essay

3.  SAT Ninja – How to write a Perfect “12” paper!  (not a fan of the crude word “suck”, but the info. contained in the link is excellent)  Pay attention to the special vocab. word mentioned on page two.

Check out the Stossel in the Classroom Essay Contest!  You can use much of what we learned during the SAT essay prep on this subject.  Check it out – you could win a trip to NY or cash prizes.  Make sure to put down Mrs. Miller for your teacher : )   http://stosselintheclassroom.org/essay_contest/

John Stossel is one of my all time favorite Journalists/Reporters.

Hope you all have a blessed and restful week off.

Stossel in the Classroom

You can WIN A TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY when your students enter our 2012-2013


Sponsored by the Smith Family Foundation

225 CASH PRIZES for students, totaling $23,000!


Help your students earn great prizes by entering them in Stossel in the Classroom’s 2012-2013 essay contest, for students aged 13-18! And we have super prizes for teachers, too!

Teachers may submit an unlimited number of student essays (500-1000 words in length) on our web site between now and the February 13, 2013, deadline.

Simply have your students view John Stossel’s recent special, “No They Can’t” (view the streaming video here), and write an essay on the following essay topic:


In John Stossel’s TV special and book of the same name, “No They Can’t,” Stossel makes the case that free people and free markets do a better job of solving problems than government.

Do you think he’s right? Why or why not?

Please write a 500-1000 word essay on this topic, illustrating your position using a recent example of a problem private individuals solved where an attempted government solution failed OR a problem government solved where private individuals’ attempts had failed. You must include at least one reference from John Stossel’s “No They Can’t” book or TV special.

We are offering your students 225 CASH PRIZES totaling $23,000! First and second place winners will also receive an all-expense-paid trip to New York City for themselves, an adult chaperone each, and the teachers who submitted their essays to meet John Stossel and to see a live taping of STOSSEL. Click this link for complete rules and submission information.

Visit our 2012 Essay Winners Page for lists of last year’s winners or to read the top essays.



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