SAT Prep is designed to help prepare students for the SAT test. In addition to reviewing the basic Language, Writing and mathematical skills assessed on the SAT test, students learn test-taking strategies specific to the exam.   Material includes samples with explanations,  practice tests with complete multiple-choice assessments, essays prompts, and study resources. Independent practice is followed by guided collaborative review. Upon successful completion, students will possess the tools necessary to complete the SAT to the best of their ability.


SAT Prep is a 1 semester – 1 credit course.


Course Objective


After taking the course – Students should be familiar with:

– The Writing, Reading and Mathematics  Sections of the SAT

– Test-taking strategies (logic) used on the SAT Exam

– Be able to discuss the questions on the Writing, Reading and Mathematics Sections of the SAT Exam

-The goal is to be able to increase their score in all three sections.




-College Prep Genius Textbook and Workbook

-Institute for Excellence in Writing – High School Writing Intensive – SAT Prep

-Mr. D. Math SAT Prep Course

-2nd Updated Edition of the College Board – SAT Study Guide




-This class will be very interactive and full participation will be expected from every student. 


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